The Collegey Student Tours

global engagements to develop 21st-century skills

The Collegey Student Tours create, develop and support the idea of experiential learning through interdisciplinary engagements and actions.
Open for students of grades 9 through 12, these international tours are focused on ideation, engagements, and rigor to offer pre-departure
mentoring – international school networking, and institutional branding. The program travels to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom,
Singapore, Canada, Spain, Australia, and Europe.

The program includes the following inputs and interactions:

  1. Online and offline pre-departure student mentoring with a school workshop
  2. Interactions with top institutions across global cities
  3. Campus tours with faculty
  4. Workshops on personal branding and soft skills
  5. Educational inter-city road trips
  6. Local arts and culture exposure
  7. Cultural immersion and sightseeing
  8. School branding and internationalization networking

The program offering includes international accommodations, meals, local transport, workshops, material, and inclusion in the Big Picture Project for the school.

If you wish to offer this highly curated international experience to your students or to your children, please email Syed at to find out about the next cohort or for more information.