The IntlEd Conclave

deeper conversations with visiting international counselors in your home country

The IntlEd Conclave offers a series of opportunities to international education professionals to engage with high school counselors through interactive sessions and candid conversations. These opportunities offer the following additional advantages:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Candid conversations in an international settings for counselors
  • Opportunties to seek feedback on outreach strategies.
  • Opportunity to discuss and lock in international school visits.
  • Discuss any specific student case.
  • Strengthen your international connections


The IntlEd Conclave is ideal for institutions who are interested in building international outreach for recruitment but have modest budget. This program offers them a chance to meet with one of their key stakeholders in their home country.

The IntlEd Conclave is held in multiple cities when the Global Educator Program with international counselors is in progress.