Cross Border Project

allows students to travel, learn, and experience cross-cultural life in another country.


Cross Border Project

Students interested in pursuing global citizenship through civic engagement, service learning, and social entrepreneurship would find India a fascinating place for intercultural experience and learning.

The Cross Border Project offers study abroad and service learning opportunities in India to American college students, cross-cultural exposure trips to American high school students, and internships/work opportunities to young professionals or recent graduates. Irrespective of the choice of program, opportunities such as participating in industry and academic conferences, performing arts, cultural events, and exposure to community programs are offered to every group.


The Cross Border Project offers engagement in the following sectors and fields:


Art and music
– Science and technology
– Education
– Social research
– Journalism
РCommunications and  filmmaking
– Sociology and Social work
– Public Policy
– Non-government project
– Academic engagement
– Social advocacy projects
– Corporate internships


Cross Border Project?

The Cross Border Project enables your students to benefit from international experiential learning by directly utilizing our partnership networks and resources.

This project will help transform your current students into intercultural ambassadors. Our team on the ground would also transform these experiences into specific media narratives that can enhance your other institutional objectives such as strengthening international enrollment, enhancing public image, and expanding international branding.