The India Base

offers working space and administrative + outreach support for South Asia region in Delhi NCR.


The India Base

The India Base helps you to build a strategy for internationalization efforts in India by optimizing your existing outreach and by bringing new value-additions through Branta expertise and networks.

The India Base is powered by the Perch which works with your existing service providers or vendors and adds strategic value, such as video production, documenting your events, data collection, or arranging new meetings with students, parents, or schools. It can also help you with creating new relationships (MoU), pathways programs, site visits,  and/or managing events for alumni, admitted students, or recruitment fairs through our team and volunteers.


India Base?

The India Base is our way to help you leverage our services, networks, and expertise with savings while having multiple options to engage from one-time events to long-term contracts.

It is a win-win; we get to know you and you get to try us. The India Base brings a collaborative energy to your projects and increases the quality of outcomes by adding extra outreach and support. It also reduces time and costs of your team.