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Collaboration is ingrained in our psyche. Every project we’ve worked on has started with a single question: Who would be a good partner in this?

It was only logical for us to consider “How can we develop an ecosystem here?” since we had opened our new India office.

We arrived at the Perch as a result of that brainstorming process.


Come and join us in this concept.


Education, youth influence, global citizenry, international business, and public diplomacy are all areas in which we work.


To exploit each other’s skills, The Perch as an idea-space creates synergy with other teams, organizations, social entrepreneurs, and national and international colleges.


As outlined below, we offer four categories, each with its own set of services.




You are free to mix and match these categories to achieve your objectives (s). We are open for business to fulfill your goals and keep the Perch sustainable for a small price (one-time event or flexible weekly/monthly contract).


The Perch is in the Greater Delhi area, in Block A, Sector 4, Noida (NCR). The nearest metro station is only a few minutes away, and the entire facility is secured 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our end-to-end support is always available, whether you want to use it as a coworking space, house your in-country representative, or just organize one event. Plus, when you stay at the Perch, you have immediate access to all of our international education and student program services. This might be a game-changer for national and international colleges and institutions.


PS: Want to check out the place? We would love to host you and your team for coffee. Just send a quick email to syed@collegey.com


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