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Collaboration is in our DNA. Every project that we have done has started with one key question: Who is our potential partner in this?

As we recently built our new India office, it was a natural progression for us to think, “How can we build an ecosystem here?”.

That thought process led us to the Perch.


Come, join us in this idea.


We work at the intersection of education, youth impact, global citizenry, international business, and public diplomacyThe Perch as an idea-space builds synergy with other teams, organizations, social entrepreneurs, and national and international universities to leverage each other’s strengths.

We offer four categories, each with various offerings, as articulated below.





You are welcome to mix and match these categories to suit your goal (s). With a nominal fee (one-time event or with a flexible weekly/monthly contract), we are open for business to meet your goals and keep the Perch sustainable.


The Perch is located in Block A, Sector 4, Noida of the greater Delhi area (NCR). The nearest metro station is a few minutes away, and the entire space has 24 by 7 security.

Whether you wish to use it as a co-working space, house your in-country representative, or just host your one event, our end-to-end support is always around. Plus, when you are at the Perch, you automatically get access to all our services for international education and student programs. For colleges and universities, national or international, this could be a game-changer.


Let us know which category or group of categories described above is most relevant for you and what your goal is. With that our team will dive right in and prepare a one-page proposal to get you started. It’s that simple.


Leave your questions or feedback in the comment section.


PS: Want to check out the place? We would love to host you and your team for coffee. Just send me a line at syed@goBranta.com.


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