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An Amazing Learning Opportunity

My experience working with Collegey on a case-study-based project on international affairs was amazing! It was my introduction to the field of diplomacy – an opportunity I had never gotten before! The individual project is a great chance for high school students to explore their field of interest. It was a great learning experience for me, and I would recommend it to others as well. By Meghna De



Fantastic opportunity to gain experience

Had a great experience while working with Collegey for the student impact project where a group of 7 students worked on destigmatizing mental health through conducting a mental health conference.
Each individual project is an interesting opportunity to work upon and gives students the chance to gain knowledge in their field of interest. I highly recommend it to fellow students. By Sarah Prasad



Great experience and opportunity

This was such a great opportunity for me to gain experience in my preferred field. The impact project was such a great experience for me since it was the first time I was involved in planning a conference. They are very helpful and resourceful. I got to meet some great people and was able to network effectively. I would highly recommend this to any student who wishes to gain some experience. By Bianca Kamath



Great Experience.

“It was a great experience working with Syed Sir and Suchita Ma’am. They’re both great guides and people. I loved my team when I worked at Collegey. It was a fun and learning experience.”. By Ronald Netawat

The best experience with Collegey!

“Being a part of the Collegey Internship has helped me build my research skills, time management, critical thinking, team building, collaborative, and communication skills, but more than that, it has helped me reform and refine my thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and even myself. It has given me a platform to interact with like-minded students who have such amazing ideas and thoughts, and meet Syed and Suchita, who have been absolutely phenomenal mentors, always encouraging and motivating us, giving me an opportunity to learn so much. It has shown me the importance of resilience, commitment, hard work, and it has given me a comfortable place to accept my mistakes and learn to move forward with an open mind.” By Tiana Mardia


My experience with Collegey

“I have spent a few months as a Collegey student and words will never be enough to describe my positive feelings towards this amazing initiative! We are being challenged every single day to exceed expectations and be ourselves, I was able to master plenty of skills in such a short time span, I am beyond honored to be a part of this journey. You always feel motivated, excited, and ready to change the world even if it’s just through a small project! Not only do they let you work and gain experience, but you also learn the importance of independence. Even when your journey ends with them, they still get in touch and this in itself makes you feel that you’ve been welcomed into a family. Thank you so much for allowing me to grow and I’m honored to be a Collegey alumni! By Mira Samir

Collegey = Depth in Learning

“Collegey stands for the initiative to make us youngsters doers. They also help, support, and guide us throughout the process. Being a part of Collegey is about working together and being equal. Collegey has helped me grow and transform into a more confident, communicative, and resilient person. It is a space that made me realize that it’s OKAY to make mistakes but what actually counts is whether you LEARN from it.

The one thing I love about Collegey is that they really listen because as a student I feel heard and acknowledged for any ideas that come up. I’m never afraid to be judged for being confused or coming up with perspectives. They have always tried their best to guide me on the right track without imposing any of their opinions.

Collegey is all about IMPACT and the impact on my life has been fantastic intellectually. Some of the work I have done here includes podcasting, teaching, networking, and having some of the most meaningful conversations that have helped decipher who I am as an individual today.

So anyone who becomes a part of Collegey will always have something to take away for life!” By Sunisha Dugar



Journey with Collegey

“I worked at Collegey just after I completed my 12th graduation. It was an incredible experience, from meeting with new people from all over the globe with contrasting ideas to working with them as a team for organizing interesting and astounding events and all of this over video meets. Somehow, this journey with Collegey helped me to fit in the “new normal”. By Akshita Singh




Great learning experience

Great learning experience. Strongly recommend it for all students. I got the chance to work with students who I hadn’t met before this and got to meet a lot of new people from all over the world. The co-owners provided us with great support over the course of our project. By Arnav Goyal




One of the best experiences one could ever get!

I had one of the best experiences with Collegey as not only I learned about specific topics but also about leadership qualities and teamwork, which is really important in one’s life.
Collegey helps each and everyone to gain confidence and start with their own projects to bring a change in the community.

I strongly recommend everyone to join the Collegey team. By Adhya Soni




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