Branta and Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) enter partnership

February 2018, Washington State: We are delighted to share that Branta and Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) have entered into a new partnership.



This partnership cements the commitment of both organizations to globally advocate and promote the community college education. CCID “engages and empowers an international association of community, technical, and vocational institutions to create globally engaged learning environments” while Branta aims to “promote social change and global citizenry by advancing educational exchange and by focusing on student recruitment, institutional branding, and study abroad.”



With their goals and objectives so closely aligned and strategically complementary, Branta and CCID are natural allies. This partnership is a win-win for both organizations as well as their respective members and partners.



The partnership establishes a clear pathway and responsibilities. Branta will promote CCID’s work and programs to its network of higher education institutions. Branta will also create multimedia products like videos to highlight CCID initiatives, and provide opportunities via webinars, live chats, and other events focused on educating the audience about community colleges and international development.



CCID’s role in the partnership will include advising Branta on developing new themes, programs, and outreach using digital technology to popularize community college education to the national and international student population. CCID will also join Branta in creating content such as videos, blogs, press releases and other forms of multimedia content for international education promotion.



We are excited to have CCID as our partner and look forward to working together to promote community college education through innovative and advanced methods of marketing outreach.


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