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The Collegey Webinar Series: FAQs

Who can present a session on the webinar series?

Any credited university representative is eligible to sign up and present after the topic is reviewed and approved by our team.


How many counselors are expected to attend the webinar?

10-12 qualified high school and independent counselors. Some of these counselors are part of the Global Educator Program and others are part of our professional network.


When are these webinars scheduled?

The webinars are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays at  9 AM EST. In some cases, we also host sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 AM EST.


Is this a group or a solo presentation?

Solo; one university/session.


How much does it cost to present the webinar?

Each session is $450.


Can I present in more than one session?

Yes. If you wish to present two or more sessions, we offer a flat 15% discount.

We also offer a flat 25% discount if you present two or more sessions with a faculty member, a member of your career services, or your student/alumni as a panelist for all sessions. We highly recommend this because, in addition to school counselors, we also invite students and parents for these sessions.


How and when do I pay for the webinar?

You may pay through credit card/Paypal/direct deposit. The payment information will be sent along with the confirmation and due date. Payment should be credited to our account at least 7 days before the session to avoid a $50/day surcharge.   


What is the recommended structure and content of the webinar?

Conversational and non-salesy. To ensure this, we mutually decide the topic. Our goal is to present you to our network of high school counselors as a resource person who added value, not the marketing person who tried to sell her university program.


Where is the webinar hosted and how do I sign up to present?

The session is hosted on Zoom. You can sign up here to present.


Will the webinar carry our branding?

Yes. We promote a short profile of the presenter with your university name in our messaging.


What are the steps to sign up for the Web Series?

Register for the series using the online form. Receive confirmation from our team and pay the fee using the payment link. Agree on a day and time. Share your presentation with our team for their inputs at least 3 days before the session start date. Host the session.


What is the format of the webinar and what topics can be covered?

The webinar offers 60 minutes to the university. Each presentation will be for 20-30 minutes followed by discussion/Q&A. The session will be recorded and may be shared with our network of counselors. We suggest topics that cover student experience, campus environment, and/or any other unique aspect of your institution. This may include any recent developments, special scholarships, subject offerings, faculty research. In the context of these topics, you may focus on promoting your university/college brand.


Do I get to choose the counselors/schools/regions?

No, the group will consist of counselors/students from across the world, but mainly from India, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.


What kind of schools are represented?

The attendees will represent a variety of schools, including, IB, Cambridge, and National boards. Their students come mostly from upper-middle-class families with an interest in study-abroad opportunities.


What information is shared with us following the webinar?

We will share the contact information of 10 counselors (for each session) within two weeks of the webinar. We also send out your information to students and parents who attend the session as well as those in our network.


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