What Our Partners Say About Us

Adelphi University

New York

Adelphi University was thrilled to be a part of TGEP 2019. From the streamlined communications and planning process to the wonderfully engaged school representatives brought to campus, the event provided a great opportunity to network and identify strong educational opportunities to foster student success.

Washington & Jefferson College


We found our group of counselors to be engaging, active learners who truly wanted to get to know Washington & Jefferson College beyond the surface.  They were clearly a student-focused group of educators, interested in finding the best fit colleges/universities for their students.  The curiosity, energy, wisdom and  charisma that the counselors brought was infectious.  Our students, faculty and staff who met with the visiting counselors were all impressed with their interactions, from questions to suggestions.  We now have 15 advocates that we can reach out to, who have all seen our campus and know our students!
What an invaluable resource!

Concordia College

New York

Hosting TGEP 2019 on our campus was one of the most beneficial
international recruitment activities that we have engaged in all year. It was
a direct connection to counselors seeking opportunities for their students to
study in the U.S. It also facilitated the development of new friendships,
meaningful relationships and fruitful partnerships.

Linden Educational Services


Linden Educational Services

Branta’s knowledge of the local market, attention to detail and ability to think out of the box makes them our trusted PR partner in India. Since we started working with them four years ago, the online pre-registration at our events has increased 50%. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

The University of Illinois at Chicago


Branta develops innovative programs that connect us with the best and brightest across India. It has allowed us to reach the young audience on a massive scale with high returns on investment. If you are looking for a creative, unprecedented approach to outreach in India, Branta has a solution.

Study in the USA, Inc.

Washington State

Study in the USA® has enjoyed working with Branta over the last couple of years. During this time, Branta has provided media and marketing for both our website and print publications as well as printing and distribution services for our new India publication. We have also collaborated on a number of joint ventures including the popular Edvance 20 (E20) Webinar Series. Branta always delivers with consistently high standards of quality, attention to detail, superb service, and timeliness. Their team is dedicated to the quality of their content and makes sure this is appropriate to the culture of our target market. Branta has worked with Study in the USA® to accomplish our international educational goals and helped us to interact with Indian students. It has been a pleasure working with Syed and his team, and I highly recommend them.

Cornell College


Cornell College participated in Branta’s Global Educator Program (the India Conclave 2018) in Tacoma and Seattle which was very productive.  All details were carefully arranged to ensure a great communication between school principals and directors from India and representatives from over 15 US colleges/universities. Cornell College also hosted Syed on our campus and we are looking forward to continuing our new partnership. Many claim to know the Indian student and education market, Branta’s understanding of this market is proven to be unmatched.
North Seattle College

Washington State

The India Conclave 2018 was a great chance to engage with educators from India in order to share ideas, learn more about our cultures, and focus on ways to support student enrichment through international studies.

University of Idaho


The India Conclave provided an excellent opportunity to connect face-to-face with Indian high school officials and administrators from throughout the country. The open sessions, discussions, and one-on-one conversations opened the door to many exciting opportunities to collaborate and work together. During my next visit to India, I plan on meeting with many of these new friends and colleagues at their respective institutions. A big thanks to Branta for helping to organize this event, and to bringing educators from across the globe together in one place.

Tacoma Community College

Washington State

What Tacoma Community College (TCC) has come to appreciate most about Branta is the constant desire to innovate as well as educate. The India Conclave gave TCC the opportunity to connect with K-12 educators in India and learn about their education system. Additionally, Syed ensured that the cultural context was not missed and provided an opportunity to discuss how culture impacts education and student decision-making. TCC continues to welcome Branta’s innovative initiatives and hopes to continue collaborating in the future.