The Collegey Impact Project

offers high-impact, extracurricular projects and mentoring to students of grade 9 through grade 12.


The Impact Project

The Collegey Impact Project is a passage for students to join social change movements (local, national, and international) through impact projects. These projects not only transform student career pathways but also transform high schools and colleges into impact organizations through powerful and relatable storytelling that inspires change and social impact.

The Impact Project with its blended-learning methodology brings critical networks of mentors, impact partners, and subject-area experts to students as they plan, develop, and execute their impact projects. Each student cohort works for four weeks in three stages: Communication Design (week 1), Execution (week 2 + week 3), and Reflection (week 4). Each project includes discussions and coursework engagement on the project management dashboard, live sessions, one-on-one calls, group calls, site visits, and public presentations.


The Impact Project?

The Collegey Impact Project offers mentoring, resources, and networks to students to help them pursue their passion areas. It supports their curricular inputs through extracurricular projects that create social impact.

The Big Picture Project also offers opportunities to higher education institutions to fully showcase their programs which are aligned with student goals and passion areas. Using a narrative of relevance and case studies specifically tailored to a defined group of students, institutions are able to create meaning of their institutional message for their student audience. This enables students to  see the value that their investment would bring to their lives if they choose to pursue such programs. This project allows all key stakeholders to naturally tell their institutional story through alumni impact story, student-faculty collaborations, or simply through relevant support and services being offered on campuses.


The Collegey Impact Project helps create persuasive institutional pitches with a variety of content pieces coming from college and university campuses, programs, and study abroad experiences which have strong relevance and impact on potential students and other important decision-makers such as governments, parents, and counselors.


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