Open Letter: From the United States to India


The recent attacks on several individuals from India, including two engineers, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, which left Srinivas dead, has shocked not only the nation of India, but people across the United States. Those of us at U.S. schools, colleges and universities, who work with students and colleagues from India, are horrified and sickened by these acts of violence. We mourn that the life and bright future of Srinivas Kuchibhotla was extinguished by the hate and ignorance of one man.



There is another part to this story, however: Ian Grillot, the 24 year-old American who willingly placed himself in harm’s way and took three bullets attempting to save the lives of two strangers. This part is important not only because of Grillot’s incredible bravery in the face of evil, but because his understanding of the value of all people, regardless of nationality or race, reflects the true nature of United States citizens; not the singular acts of hate by a tiny minority. The subsequent donations of over $735,000 in support of the victims’ families were a stunning testimony of that nature and a clear message that Americans will stand up to hate.



Srinivas’s belief that “good things happen in America” is a belief shared by Americans and those who make America their home. The vast majority of people in the United States welcome the presence and contributions of immigrants, international professionals and students in their communities. Over the past month, that support has blossomed into powerful action across our nation. This action included protests against discrimination and visa bans, rallies to support immigrants and refugees, and written statements from university presidents and chancellors to our international students to let them know that all are welcome here. Elected officials at the state and local levels, as well as judges, have acted successfully to stop executive orders that could negatively impact international students and immigrants.



We who send this letter of condolence and support to the families of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani work with Indian and other international students and colleagues. We visit India; we get to know and care about your students and families. Their success is our success; their wellbeing is a responsibility we feel privileged to undertake. We believe passionately in the value of international education as a bridge to peace and antidote to hate. We see this on a daily basis as we observe American, Indians and other international students interact. With this mutual interaction, fear and negative stereotypes break down, cultural exchange occurs, and understanding of our shared humanity results.



We cannot bring back Srinivas Kuchibhotla; we cannot undo the injury to Alok Madasani and others, or the pain their families are experiencing. We can, however, attempt to honor these sons of India with the promise that we will redouble our efforts to highlight the beauty of Indian society in all of its diversity; to warmly welcome our Indian colleagues and students, and to make our institutions and communities places that are safe.



The United States is stronger, not weaker, because of the creativity, culture and contributions of our immigrants and international students from India. We welcome you to the U.S. and ask that you not let hate win.



To the families of Srinivas Kuchighotla and Alok Madsani and all who have been affected by these singular acts of hate: We stand with you in this hour of grief and mourning.


We love you and we are proud that #YouBelongHere.







Marie Whalen, Whitworth University                                                    

Syed K. Jamal, Branta LLC, Inc.                                                    

Jenna Sices, Southern New Hampshire University                                               

Johanna Fishbein, UWC of South East Asia                                                    

Kristin Dreazen, Edvice London                                                  

Betsy Morley, Albion College                                         

Jeannie Jaworski, Carroll University                                                       

Sue Gandy, University of North Carolina at Greensboro                                            

Catharine Cashner, Mount Mercy University                                                    

Beck Taylor, Whitworth University                                            

David Ayers, San Diego State University                                               

Greg Orwig, Whitworth University                                            

Ruby Bhattacharya, Harvard Graduate School of Education                                           

Linda Kim, University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education                                               

Marybeth Gruenewald, ECE, Inc.                                               

Jennifer Wright, American International Recruitment Council                                          

Katherine Thompson, Community Colleges of Spokane                                              

Eric Weinhold, Ithaca College                                        

Amber Longtin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign                                            

Andy Borst, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign                                             

Wendy Bigler, International School of Asia Karuizawa                                               

Erik Williams, University of California – Santa Barbara                                                   

MacKenzie Hizon, Southern New Hampshire University                                               

Beryl Meiron, Cambridge English                                               

Jennifer Brook, Foothill and De Anza Colleges                                                                

Anne Payne, University of Oregon                                             

Lin Larson, University of California – Berkeley                                                  

Anne Sjostrom, Duke University                                                

Roger Bendall, International Education Forum                                         

Evie Elderkin, Study USA Group                                                  

Jessica Sandberg, Temple University                                        

Renait Stephens, Study in the USA                                            

Kristoffer Toribio, Orange Coast College                                                    

Gavin Hornbuckle, American School of Brasilia                                                     

Patriece Campbell, Millersville University                                                     

Krista  LaVack, State University of New York at Potsdam                                             

Jodie Cavanaugh, Southern New Hampshire University                                               

Jessica Stern, University of California – Irvine                                                    

Hillary Banks, American International School                                        

Tony Roach, Ellucian                                          

Adam Wu, University of La Verne                                              

Megan Mankerian-Stem, Creighton University                                               

Molly Witt, University of Vermont                                             

Patricia Wrobel, Binghamton University, State University of New York                                         

Kim Caroline-Strange, International School of Lausanne                                            

Michelle Kowalsky, Western New England University                                               

Rebecca Hansen, Northern Kentucky University                                               

Thomas LePere, Educational Consultant                                                    

Laura Kaub, Yale Young African Scholars                                       

Jane Stagg, Study in the USA                                          

Amanda Poppe, University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo)                                                   

Candice Chan, Furman University                                              

Travis Drageset, Study in the USA                                              

Trish Bruno, Study in the USA                                        

Debra Prvanovic, University of Pittsburgh                                                    

Louann Rizor, Study in the USA                                                  

Megan B, Binghamton University                                               

Jonnathan De La Fuente, University of Michigan-Flint                                        

Dana Brolley, University of Washington – Bothell                                        

Wesley Costa, Study in the USA                                                  

Sherif Barsoum, New York University                                                     

John Eriksen, Bryant University                                                  

Matthew Peipert, The Evergreen State College                                       

Sonali   Hutchison, International School Dhaka                                         

Amy Daly Gardner, Clark University                                          

Nathan Jones, Temple University                                               

Jennifer Privette, Study in the USA                                            

Eve Florin, Study in the USA                                           

Julia Bovee, Bellevue College                                         

Tracy Christensen, Whitworth University                                                     

Jon Stauff, Monmouth University                                              

Ishan Gauli, Whitworth University                                             

Kenley Jones, University of Redlands                                                     

Mike Hock, Academy for EducationUSA                                                    

Shawn Greenfield, Washington State University                                               

Becky Konowicz, Santa Clara University                                                     

Jon Maes, Tacoma Community College                                                    

Sutthichok (Gao) Linprasert, ACE-EducationUSA Chiang Mai                                              

Belinda Wilkerson, Steps To The Future, LLC                                                    

Daniela Hurrle                                        

Ray Marx, Colegio Americano de Quito                                                    

Parke Muth, Parke Muth Consulting                                         

Anna Wise, Towson University                                                   

Danielle Kanclerz, Eastern Michigan University                                               

Sara Thurston, Kansas State University                                                    

Sandra Halladey, Study in the USA                                             

Irene Gazali, Study in the USA                                       

Beth Greene, Study in the USA                                                   

Raj Nandan, KIC                                                  

Maya Tsai, Gwynedd Mercy University                                                    

James Newman, Tacoma Community College                                       

Kate Neimeister, UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education                                        

Ryan Glowacki, New York University                                         

Marjorie Smith, University of Denver                                        

Samantha Deleon, Benedictine University                                                    

Nunana Nyomi, Council of International Schools                                                    

Lynne Warner, University of Denver                                         

Gloria   Chyou Crawford, InitialView                                          

Clay Hensley, College Board                                           

Jennifer Kenyon, Oklahoma City University                                                     

Gina Ellison, University of Denver                                              

Simon Hamlin, Study in the USA                                                 

Kathy Garrett, Garrett College Consulting                                                    

Kim Cho, Western Michigan University                                                    

Rita Tepper, Ramapo College of New Jersey                                                    

Jessica Choquette, Valparaiso University                                                    

Karen   Ekman-Baur, StudyHorizons: International University Advising                    

Kelsey Howard, Roosevelt University                                        

Rebecca Nunley, West Virginia University                                                    

Sarah Ma, West Virginia University                                           

Susan Call, Southern New Hampshire University                                               

Hadda Estrada, Community Colleges of Spokane                                                  

Jamie Kanki, NYU Tandon School of Engineering                                            

Raymond Lutzky, New York University Tandon School of Engineering                        

Laura Buhs, University of Denver                                               

Sarah Wambe, Concord University                                            

Douglas Allen, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver  




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